Monday, 7 September 2009

Favorites. :]

Дэндүү олон учраас одоохондоо 10ыг хийхийг хичээе. 

1. The Beatles (Yesterday, All my loving, Let it be, etc.)

2. Cream (Sunshine of your love, Wrapping paper, Spoon, etc.)

3. Pink Floyd (Money, On the run, Brain Damage, etc.)

4. Sex Pistols (God save the Queen, Anarchy in the U.K., Pretty vacant, etc.)

5. Van Morrison (I'll be your lover, too, Ain't no sunshine, Beside you, etc.)

6. Radiohead (High and Dry, Creep, 15 step, etc.)

7. Elbow (Grounds for divorce, An audience with the Pope, On a day like this, etc.)

8. Kings of Leon (Sex on fire, Be somebody, 17, etc.)

9. David Bowie(Changes, Fame, Space Oddity, etc.)

10. She & Him (I thought I saw your face today, Why do you let me stay here, etc.)

Эндээс захиалах дуу байвал тэгж болно шүү. Залхуураад шууд линк этр тавьсангүй.


  1. hehe, yag tal ni minii durtai hamtlaguud bn. Uldsen hediig ni sonirhonoo.